Tekla components guide

Your solved connections can be built into Tekla Structures automatically using our plugins.

Saved calculations

First of all, you have to define and save your connections on our web application.

Your connections are only accesible from Tekla if you "publish to BIM".

Button showing published status

Standard workflow

Double click the component and pick your profiles in the order indicated on the plugin picture.

Pick connection

The plugin searches for possible solutions (project, structure, and profile pair) and places the first found.

The connection is market red, yellow or green. Following the well known Tekla standard.

Connection green status

If you have more than 1 calculation in the project/structure with the same profile pair, the plugin will prompt you to choose one.

Last, if you have to change your choice, just click the "select" button in the form.

Solved connections list

Open the form and change the default color if you want. Click Modify.

Tekla class and "modify"

Non matching calculation

Update connection

From the filled form, click the "@" link. It opens a braced.io enginesheet editing page.

Link from form

Update whatever you want, even you can change the name.The connection is linked by UUID.

Updating a connection

Then click Save. The connection will be marked as modified in Tekla. Now you can reload from Tekla and it will be autoupdated.