Tekla Structures Components

Our Tekla components build intelligent connections based on the connections created in braced.io


Download and open the package. Close Tekla Structures. You need to manually copy the following files:

  1. Copy DLL files to C:\Program Files\<YOUR_TEKLA_VERSION>\nt\bin\plugins\Tekla\Model\

  2. Copy BMP files to C:\Program Data\<YOUR_TEKLA_VERSION>\bitmaps\

Open Tekla Structures again. The components are autoloaded by Tekla.

Login and first steps

Open Applications & components in the right Tekla toolbar.

Applications & components

Double click on a component. S001 is used in this documentation. Click the column and the beam and the connection is just built automatically.

In the firt run, you need to enter an authentication Access Token and select the project and structure.


Click the key icon in the main toolbar. Copy the token:

Access Token

Paste the token into Tekla Structures. This form pops up when you are not authenticated yet:

Tekla Components login form

Click submit and go.

Project and structure selection

Each TS model will be linked to a project/structure. On the first run of a component, you are prompted for the pair. Once selected you are ready to work.

Project and structure selection

Build your connection

Select the component. Click the column and the beam and the connection is just built automatically.

Build the connection

No data entry, no import/export. The component gets the data from the cloud. Our components have a lot of interesting common features and their smart behavior adapts the connection to the case. Find more at the Tekla components guide: