Solving connections

Our connections are predefined types. They are built in a web interface and solved in the cloud.

Open the Connections Types page and select a type. Let's solve a S001 Beam to Column with Endplate to show how works. This is the sheet:

Main view of the S001 solver.

Select project/structure and write a name for your case.

Connection data form

Select both column and beam profiles. This is critical because the Tekla component builds your connection based on that pair. You can select "Any" in the main element profile and the Tekla component allows any profile section.

Profile selection form

Fill the rest of the form and click the Save button.

The connection solver toolbar shows now an uuid, a safe/unsafe status, and a BIM button.

Connection toolbar

Click the BIM button to allow the Tekla components access to your solved connection.

You are ready to try the components: