Getting Started

First steps and how we can fit in your BIM proccess

How do we fit in your BIM workflow?

You have an analysis model. You have a BIM model. Probably they are sync together. Once the structure has been designed, you can use to solve your connections in three steps:

  1. Get your forces from your analysis model (manually for now).

  2. Solve connections in our web application & download reports for your calculation notes.

  3. Automatically build connections in your BIM models with our plugins (no files, no data input).

As a result, you get the engineering documentation and the connections completely executed in Tekla.

Tekla workflow schema

First Steps

Wait for the launch of the new web application.

Builtin Database

There are several builtins: materials (S275, S355, ...), profiles (HEB, IPE, UPE, Pipes, Tubes, ...), bolts (Metric, Imperial), etc.

These are the most used items in Europe. You can use them or you can create custom items. Everything is managed from the Materials tab.

You can also upload a Tekla *.lis files and the cloud system will import compatible profiles, bolts and materials.

Teams, Projects and Structures

First you have to create a team with your mates. Every connection solved will be stored in the database. We store connections by organizing them in projects and structures. So a team has projects, a project has structures, and a structure has connections.

If you want to create a team, just contact us at‚Äč

Info Structure

The first time you launch our Tekla plugin in a model, you will be prompted to chose a project and structure from the database.