Frequent Asked Questions from our users.

My Tekla version is not supported. What can I do?

Not all Tekla versions are supported by the installer, but you can manually install the plugins in ALL Tekla versions. Just download the .zip and dump the contents in the apropriate folder (detailed in the readme.txt into the zip).

I can't use my password with the new plugins. How can I get my access token?

The new plugins will work only with the new web application. You can get your access token here.

What is the purpose of "Any Profile", "Any Position" and so on?

  • Any Profile means:

    • The profile is not designed when solving. The report alerts about this.

    • BIM Plugin acepts any profile of a given type. Imagine you have a lot of different columns but you want the same connection, then select Any Profile.

  • Any Position means:

    • Every possible position is designed when solving.

    • BIM Plugin acepts any position.